Om Sai Ram

About Shirdi Sai Baba History

Shirdi Sai Baba is a saint that is worshipped by many of the peoples in India, mainly the peoples who lived in Maharashtra and near to Maharashtra have greatly believed in Sai Baba. They worship Sai Baba as the peoples of other regions worship their God.

Instead of Maharashtra, Sai Baba is also worship in Andhra Pardesh, Gujrat, Karnatka and in many areas of the world. Peoples follows his teachings and once you visit Shirdi, you will definitely become a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. There is no true information is available about his origins, Hindus said that Sai Baba belongs to Hindu religion, but the Muslims tells that he is belonging to Muslim religions.

That is why there is always a controversy between Hindus and Muslims about his origins. But Sai Baba never divides himself into caste, color, and religions, he said that he only belongs to one religion, that is the religion of truth and God.Peoples believes that Sai Baba is always with her devotees, but Sai Baba left his physical body on 15 October 1918, but his truth and teachings are always alive till the end of the world.

Peoples always remember their God, who shows them the right way and to live a simple life. He is always helped his devotees, whether they are Hindus or Muslims. That is why peoples form all religions became followers of Shri shirdi sai sharmam dham, bisalpur.

There is not true information is available on any book and religious book that shows origins about Sai Baba, but some persons believed that he is born near the area in Shirdi.

The thought of the historians about his present name was also different, some of the historians said that when Sai Baba was born, his name is not Sai Baba, this name was later given by his devotees to him. His actual name was Haribhau Bhusari. His parent’s name is not found by historians, Sai Baba during his life never discuss his parents and origins to anyone, he thinks that the information was not much important.

The thing that is more important is only to do the work, for which God has sent us on earth. He is not asking about a particular religion, he always said to respect all religions although you are not belonging to that religion. He never disrespects any saint, fakir and any religion.

Sai Baba is a follower of Mhalsapati because he was born in the village Pathri in a Brahmin family, that is why he follows his religion. And it was also said that during his childhood, a fakir takes care of him. He grew up with the fakir and his wife, but later the wife if fakir sends him to a Hindu guru Venkusa of Selu for spending his rest of life. Sai Baba becomes a disciple of Venkusa and here he spent twelve years of his life.

These are the two different theories about the childhood of Sai Baba, one is said that he stayed with a fakir and then with a guru named Venkusa. The other theory said that Sai Baba is related to a Hindu family.  But in the eyes of Sai Baba, there is no discrimination in Hindus and Muslims, they all are the children of God and God loves everyone equally.

When Sai Baba was sixteen years old, he came to the village Shirdi situated in Ahmednagar district Maharashtra, India. It is assumed that he is sixteen years old at that time, but there is no fixed date is available when he reaches Shirdi. He stayed in Shirdi for three years and started spreading knowledge about God.

Many people’s came to contact with Sai Baba and impress by his personality and way of talking. Then after three years, Sai Baba leaves Shirdi and came after one year in 1858, which shows that Sai Baba is born in the year 1838, 20 years before he came to Shirdi. But after this, he spent his rest of life in Shirdi. He always lives a simple and ascetic life, he never fond of a luxurious life.

He always sits under a neem tree and only talking about God and his love for us. At a very young age, he attached himself with God and this attachment is remaining always with him.The peoples of the village are wonders to see Sai Baba, that at a very young age sitting under a neem tree and not caring about hot and cold weather. He is not caring about day and night and also has no afraid of anyone.

The Sai Satcharita writes this reaction of the villagers about Sai Baba. He is from his childhood attached to God so much that he has no interest in other works. He is like a person sends by God for showing the peoples the way of truth and changes the peoples who are involved in bad companies.

When peoples see him meditating, many of them attracted by him. Not only the peoples, Mhalsapati, Appa Jogle, and Kashinatha visits him on a regular basis. But the children of the village always making fun of him as to sitting under a neem tree, they considered him mad and threw stones at him.

But Sai Baba never minds about all this. He only thinks about God and his teachings. After some time Sai Baba left the village. There is no information available that where he goes at that time and where he stayed at that time and what will he do. No book has information about this.It is said that he met with many fakirs and saints during his life and also worked as a weaver. It is claimed that he had fought with the army of Rani of Jhansi Lakshmibai in 1857 during the Indian Rebellion.

Shri shirdi sai sharmam dham, bisalpur is not less than a God who changes the lives of many persons. He shows them the way of truth. He always said that “Why do you fear when I am here”. He is always with us during life and also after death

Baba Blessing You All ?