Diwali Celebration

Diwali Celebration with deepak pujan,lakshmai ganesh pujan followed by saibaba doop arti mandir primses was decorated & illumniated with light & flowers.The celebartion was attended by large number of sai devotes . [...]

Dusshera Celebration

On this occasion saibaba 99th punya thithi.After opening the temple firstly we start saibaba shan & arti after that we start the program with naam jap at 2pm and it was followed by bajan & kertan.There after saibaba palki yatra was taken out in bisalpur city.We will prepare the baba doop arti & baba boag completing all the program at 9:30pm.[...]

Janmashtami Celebration

krishan Janmashtami was celebration with shri krishan pujan bajan kartan followed by doop arti shayan arti & parshad distribution.This celebration mandir was decorated with Radha Krishan Jakahi & hole temple was decor with flower & light.saibaba volunteer arrange the above program. [...]