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Shri Shridi Sai Shranam Dham Temple Society, Bisalpur (Pilibhit), a small group NGO engaged in socio-economic upliftment of the society, cutting across caste, creed, color and religion through its various activities.Our Mission Such as providing free and quality education to over 100 poor children with food, clothing, study material, transport, sports, health care and excursions; free skill development to youth with placement; facilitating social well-being like mass marriages of poor girls per year and better health care to the needy and down-trodden.

Who We Are

The beginnings of this temple are laid upon the desires of the Baba to establish his very own Guru Sthan in this corner of Bisalpur. This wish is our command. The devout came out with unstinting support to the noble cause and thus began a holy crusade of sorts. The launch of the Mandir project bore fruit on 27th Feb 2011 when this Grace, Shri Sai Baba, chose to step onto a small plot of land in Station Road. Bisalpur in the form of a white marble idol. However the limitations of restricted space soon began to manifest themselves through Baba's diving inspiration, a bigger plot measuring 600 sq. meters was obtained through Development Authority. Under Baba's patronage and the single minded devotion of the people, the temple's construction picked up momentum.

In 15 July 2011, on the pious occasion of Guru Purnima the day Lord Rama descended on Earth in the form of a mortal like us, the idol of this Diving Grace, Sai Baba was installed inside the portals of the Mandir. Initially, the group started spreading awareness of ShirdiSai Baba by holding Pooja, Archana and Bhajans at the residence of devotees, culminating into the formation of a registered society. Guru Sthan was construnted under neem tree and Pran Prateshta done on 15th July 2011 Guru Purnema day from the blessing of from GURU DEV SHRI SATPATI JI MAHARAJ.There after one big hall with five room including baba kitchen has been constructed in the total area 600sqt meter.Pran Prateshta of baba idol in the big hall has been performed on 21th April 2013. Before “Prateshta Ceremony” NINE day program of Ram Katha from 12 to 28 APRIL 13 was performed by SHRI AKALA JI MAHARAJ from JONPUR. The program was followed by bhandra in which about 1500 devotees has came took the blessing of “Sai Baba” Mandir is open seven days a week with all four Aarathi’s performed daily.

Our History